We have developed an ESG strategy oriented towards generating value with our stakeholders, while also strengthening our societal commitment. We operate on pillars that we believe will contribute to the transformation of 21st century society.

In the environmental, our aim is to have the most sustainable operation in the industry. We believe the low-carbon economy is the pathway to a more sustainable future, which is why we have been carbon neutral since 2015. Also, we are making progress on device recycling initiatives and other fronts that will aid in mitigating the environmental impact of climate change.

In the social, we want to be the go-to partner for Brazilian entrepreneurs and professionals. Our focus is on supporting the development of small entrepreneurs through educational and financial empowerment initiatives, thereby effectively contributing to the prosperity of people and businesses in Brazil, in addition to fostering a more inclusive and resilient economy.

We are strongly committed to promoting diversity, we are signatories to the United Nations Women’s Gender Equity Pact, we host Affinity Groups to engage our employees, and we have been certified by Great Place to Work for the 5th consecutive year, we once again ranked among the top 150 best companies to work for.

Getnet appreciates quality products and services and acts responsibly through ethical management. The company believes helping people and businesses prosper is a mission that is not just about working with clients, it is also about contributing to society.

Helping people and businesses prosper

We offer a complete portfolio, with physical and digital solutions for small and large entrepreneurs that are adaptable to the needs of each business. Getnet knows that starting a business is not easy and that the lack of financial education and management skills only makes the beginning harder. We want to be closer to our clients, helping them increase their business.

We have financial education and entrepreneurship courses available for both clients and non-clients free of charge, such as “Negócio de Sucesso”, “Superar” and “Avançar”.

Negócio de Sucesso – Free financial education and entrepreneurship platform

Superar – Podcast on how to overcome problems in your business

Avançar Program – Partnership with Santander Brasil to help microentrepreneurs


Getnet is driven by a single purpose: to provide innovative services and solutions that enable clients to achieve their goals. This is only possible because we have a diverse and dynamic team, which has the qualities and special skills to create innovative ideas on a consistent basis. A healthy, plural environment, which respects and encourages diversity, provides development opportunities for everyone.

We received important awards from the Great Place to Work ranking and, in 2021, Getnet became a signatory of the Women’s Empowerment Principles | United Nations.


In addiction, Getnet engages its employees through five affinity groups: Racial, people with a disability, gender, generations and LGBTQIA+.


Responsibility for our impact

Getnet is committed to ensuring its operations are increasingly efficient, responsible and sustainable. It aims to manage its supply chain based on environmental awareness, so that we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, establish carbon-free, plastic-free initiatives and completely neutralize our emissions.

Records on our emission of greenhouse gases: click here.

Ethical and Responsible Management

Getnet has a management model that is committed to the ethical values and principles referred to in our Code of Ethics and to good market practices.

We appreciate ethics and integrity in business and in our relations with employees and stakeholders. These initiatives are intended to ensure compliance with the legislation applicable to the Organization, its activities and its financial operations.

As part of its commitment to Sustainability and Human Rights, the company vehemently repudiates any working conditions that are similar to slavery. For this reason, it restricts its relationships with customers, potential customers and suppliers, individuals or legal entities, who are listed in the register of employers who have submitted workers to conditions similar to slavery.

Read our policy on social and environmental responsibility. Click here.