Values That Inspire Us

We were founded in 2003 as a technology company focused on payment solutions and rechargeable phone plan for prepaid cell phone accounts by means of point-of-sale, or POS devices. We were acquired by Santander Brasil in 2014.

Since our acquisition by Santander Brasil, we have expanded our portfolio of products and services along with our digital platform in order to become a One-Stop-Shop multiservice platform. We offer a wide range of solutions to our brick-and-mortar and digital customers in all segments.

Digital Culture of Getnet

Our culture is driven by digitalization. Digital innovation has become a priority for us due to the significant growth of e-commerce in Brazil in recent years, which we expect will continue in the coming years.

Before 2017, we relied on third-party providers to serve merchants in the e-commerce market, but given changes in customer behavior and the growth of e-commerce, performing digital operations has become a fundamental tool to maximize growth and gain scale. We therefore began developing a new digital platform both organically and through acquisitions.

In 2018, we expanded our portfolio with new solutions such as fraud management services. In the following year, our priority was to invest in new e-commerce products for small customers, offering solutions such as the digital store. Additionally, we created the digital POS that allows us to integrate the entire process, from ordering to payment, providing agility in service and ease of business management. In addition, we acquired the technology to perform split payments online, which enabled us to work with marketplaces.

Finally, in 2020, we acquired the Minestore platform, which we believe will enable us to develop a subscription-based revenue model, and we also began integrating PIX (the new instant payments system in Brazil) and GetPay Link to complete our digital portfolio.

Nowadays, our products and services have the focus in digital solutions and we believe in a continuous e-commerce expansion. Going forward, our digitization strategy will position itself favorably to make the most of this trend and capitalizing on the investments we have made in this area.



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