Our Solutions

We are a One-Stop-Shop offering our merchant clients (including micro-entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises and corporate customers) a full range of in-store and digital solutions for their business, from payment solutions to business process management, as well as banking and other financial services through our relationship with Santander Brasil. We provide our wide range of services through a banking channel to Santander Brasil’s customer base, which will continue to be one of our core distributions channels after the Spin-off pursuant to arrangements negotiated with the Bank and an independent channel to customers in the open market.

Over the past five years, we have developed our products and service to go beyond our acquiring capabilities and become a provider of a wider range of solutions to merchants. Our portfolio is designed to support our clients by enabling them to rely on Getnet as a complete solution for payments in the physical (brick-and-mortar) and digital environments, as well as financial services. Our payment solutions also include value-added business process management products and services.


We offer one of the most complete range of solutions for processing transactions at points-of-sales. We give merchants access to the most up-to-date solutions, be it with respect to compliance with industry requirements to reliance on the most recent technological developments (e.g., most of our terminals support near field communications, or NFC, the use of QR codes and Brazil’s new PIX instant payments system). Our physical solutions include:

Low-cost terminals for individual entrepreneurs

We sell low-cost terminals for micro-entrepreneurs that make accepting payments by cards a cost-efficient alternative for our customers. To make this solution competitive, we sell these devices at cost.

Mid-range terminals

We also offer stand-alone terminals that can be used by SMEs with a higher transactions volume or even by medium to large merchants who often use multiple terminals. These terminals can be either sold or rented to merchants.

Digital POS

We provide terminals that use Android-based operating systems, allowing merchants to use other applications alongside our payment application. These applications include our split payment application, which allows merchants to split the settlement of one single card transaction into multiple payments to related third parties (e.g., sellers and service providers). We rent these terminals to merchants. In addition to the payment processing commission charged to the merchant, or “MDR”, for each transaction, we also generate additional revenue by charging merchants for the other services they use through applications.

Integrated Solutions

We provide different types of solutions for larger merchants who need their payment solutions to be integrated with their cash management and other business process systems, including:

  • Auttar: We offer Auttar’s solutions, which include libraries, plug-ins and software development kits, or SDKs, that can be integrated into merchants’ cash register systems to process card transactions in compliance with industry rules. This allows merchants to accept payments at their points of sale easily while retaining control of the transaction as a result of the integration with the merchant’s management systems. Auttar’s services are charged separately from our acquiring services.
  • Pin-pad terminals: These terminals can either be used in combination with Auttar’s solutions or with any other solution used by merchants to connect with us. We rent these terminals to merchants and also provide technical support.


We have developed our own digital platform including all the functionalities offered by the main global payment service providers. We believe that this allows merchants to rely on Getnet as their single provider when it comes to digital payments. The range of functionalities we offer enables merchants to accept digital payments while managing all the significant aspects of these transactions, including fraud management and payment reconciliation, for example. The main components of this digital platform are the following:

Integration Methods

We offer advanced integration methods allowing merchants of all sizes and from all types of businesses to easily integrate payment acceptance methods into their sales process management systems, including application programming interfaces, or APIs, SDKs and iFrame checkouts. We make all the relevant information regarding these integration methods available on our developers’ portal. In addition, we have a specialized implementation team focused on supporting merchants that are going through the implementation and certification process to make sure that they benefit as much as possible from our solutions.

Fraud-Management Tool

We offer merchants a complete fraud prevention service, which includes a range of different tools managed by our team of experts. We are continuously seeking to improve the performance of the fraud-management tool based on models developed and updated using machine learning capabilities.

Card Vault

We offer solutions enabling merchants to safely store customer card credentials in a digital “card vault” thereby improving customer experience. This type of solution is fundamental for online sales but can be difficult and costly for merchants to put in place given the need to protect customers’ sensitive information. By using our services, merchants of all sizes can improve customer experience without having to face by themselves the operational and technical challenges of storing sensitive data in compliance with all industry requirements and applicable laws.

Recurring Engine

The adoption of subscription business models (e.g., online services, buyers’ clubs and insurance) has been an important trend for online businesses. We have developed a recurring engine (i.e. an application which manages a recurring process, such as a subscription) that allows merchants to transfer to us the burden of managing subscription plans for each one of their customers, allowing them to focus on their businesses.

Split Payments

Many different businesses face the challenge of passing on funds received in transactions to business partners, suppliers, service providers or other types of third parties in a fully compliant and automated manner. We have developed a split payment solution which allows merchants to determine at the time they charge the final customer how the amount charged is to be divided among each one of the third parties involved in providing the product or service.

Digital Store

Our digital store is a solution that allows merchants that are starting their online operations to easily set up an digital store capable of accepting payments through our systems.

The Digital Store was made possible by Minestore Platform.


GetPay allows merchants to send a link to customers through various social networks. The link redirects customers to a secure checkout where they can finish the transaction by providing their payment details which are then processed through Getnet’s payments system.

Support to Alternative Payment Methods

Through our digital platform, merchants can process not only card transactions but also some of the main alternative payment methods in Brazil such as boletos (payment slips), transactions using Brazil’s new PIX instant payment system and electronic wallets, or e-wallets.

Financial Services

We also provide a range of financial services through our platform, including:

Pre-Payment and Advanced Settlement

Pre-payment and advanced settlement: In Brazil, credit card transactions are typically settled 30 days from the date on which the transaction occurred. It is also common for transactions to be settled in installments and, in certain industries, over 60% of transactions are settled in installments. As a result, merchants often have to wait for several weeks, and in certain cases up to year, for a transaction to be settled in full. Given these characteristics of the Brazilian market, providing merchants with the means of receiving the payments due on their card receivables early is fundamental. We offer these solutions to merchants in the following formats:

  • Spot Operations: Merchants can request, on a case-by-case basis, to have all or part of their receivables paid upfront at a negotiated discount rate.
  • Automatic Operations: We give merchants the option of putting in place automatic early payment. For example, merchants can opt to have all their credit card transactions from the previous day automatically settled in advance at a pre-determined and contractually agreed discount rate. This discount rate is reviewed from time to time based on prevailing market interest rates.
  • Reduced settlement delay (Receba Já): We also offer merchants the option of settling all of their transactions in a timeframe of their choosing.
Pre-Paid Card and Account

We offer merchants the option of receiving funds in a Superget account linked to a pre-paid card. This allows merchants to rely solely on Getnet for all their financial needs, including both inward and outward payments. Through the Superget APP, merchants can easily manage their account and conduct a variety of transactions such as paying bills, making wire payments and managing their expenses on the pre-paid card. This is a solution designed for small merchants which we believe has an important role in helping the population without bank accounts access financial services.